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        Burlington Lawn & Landscape has the equipment and the team that will turn your new property or old lawn into a new fresh invigorating lawn that will be the envy of the neighbourhood. Sodding your lawn allows you to enjoy instant beauty without the usual hassles and time of seeding.

        Proper soil preparation is important before the actual installation of your sod. The soil is tilled, then raked out to level any high or low spots. The tilled area is then rolled with a lawn roller to firm up the soil so it will stay smooth after watering the sod.

        Sod is a living plant that requires contact to the ground and moisture to survive, therefore requiring immediate installation upon delivery. After the installion is complete, the entire area is rolled to improve soil contact and remove any air pockets. Watering is then started immediately after the sod is installed. Enough water is put down the first time to thoroughly soak the sod and the soil underneath.

        In about two weeks the sod should have begun to adhere to the soil underneath and will most likely need to be mowed for the first time.

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